May 28th – July 1st

Happy last week of May, and official start of summer! If you’re wishy-washy about your summer plans don’t worry, you’re not alone! Even our POTUS is having a little trouble following through with his summer plans. Remember the historical lunch date between Trump and Kim Jong Un scheduled for June 12th? Well, Trump got cold feet and called it off last week. No worries though, … Continue reading May 28th – July 1st

March 26th – April 1st

Welcome back! Touching a bit on last week’s “week in review,” the March For Our Lives had a historical turnout. More than 200,000 individuals showed their support in Washington D.C.’s live rally and there were more than 800 rallies globally. What’s next? The midterm elections. Approximately 4,000 March For Our Lives organizers registered to vote and they’ve got demands. They’re calling for things like a … Continue reading March 26th – April 1st