“They Are Them, We Are Us”: Creating an Odd Future

Odd Future, or Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, was an LA based group of skateboarding, bacon loving, do-it-yourself, kids who somehow made it big in the music industry, seemingly by pissing off everyone with a finely tuned moral compass. There’s more to this collective cult-rap group than meets the eye, and if you’re at all emersed in the hip-hop/rap scene, then you know … Continue reading “They Are Them, We Are Us”: Creating an Odd Future

March 25th – April 1st

Media Virgil Abloh, the creator of fashion label ‘Off-white’, was named the head of Louis Vuitton menswear. This combination impacts more than just the fashion world, seeing as Abloh’s stylistic aesthetic integrates a lot of street-style, and street wear. This addition to the Louis Vuitton team is extremely exciting, and many cannot wait to see what new styles Abloh will bring to the table.  View … Continue reading March 25th – April 1st

Women’s March New Orleans

Yesterday feminists everywhere celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Women’s March. Women and men all across America walked together in protest of inequality and sexism in our country, we’re speaking to you Trump administration. Today I learned that this movement began when one woman, disheartened by Trump’s election, created a Facebook event inviting friends to march on Washington in protest. The event went viral and … Continue reading Women’s March New Orleans

Music and Musicians of the Civil Rights Movement

On January 15th we celebrate the Birthday of one of the most influential non-violent civil rights leaders, Martin Luther King Jr. The non-violent activism Martin Luther King Jr. spear-headed in the mid 50’s, and 60’s played a large role in ending legal segregation of African American citizens in the South. Martin Luther King Jr.’s movement was a nonviolent one, relying on marches, boycotts, and large … Continue reading Music and Musicians of the Civil Rights Movement