Stop Telling Women To Smile

As we enter into Women’s History Month, it is important to remember that the fight for equality is far from over. While we celebrate and commemorate the prolific wonder-women of our past, it is also important to support the women of our present. The women who are using their positions and talents to aggressively combat hegemonic societal norms that stand in the way of progress … Continue reading Stop Telling Women To Smile

Behind the Portraits: The artists who painted the Obama’s Smithsonian portraits

Kehinde Wiley is a New York based artist who grew up in Los Angeles. Wiley’s works consist of large portraits of black and brown bodies. The complexity of Wiley’s work stems from the “juxtaposed inversion” of the subject and stylistic aesthetic for his portraits. Wiley started his career in portraiture by painting images of local men in harlem against bright textile backgrounds reminiscent of the … Continue reading Behind the Portraits: The artists who painted the Obama’s Smithsonian portraits

Black Panther: The Album

Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’, directed by Ryan Coogler, is set to debut on February 16th, right in the heart of Black History Month. This movie, with it’s diversified predominantly black cast, has created quite a hype, especially with it’s trailer, and its announcement that the films soundtrack was to be created by Kendrick Lamar, Anthony ‘Top Dawg’ Tiffith, and the rest of the crew at Top … Continue reading Black Panther: The Album

Indie Music for Beginners

Indie music, or independent music, originated as a music genre that was produced independently from major commercial record labels. Throughout the past few years, and because of the ease streaming services provides to listeners, indie music has been popularized, and diversified. Indie, or Alternative, is an interesting genre of music, because it doesn’t have one specific sound, and features artists that pull from many different genres … Continue reading Indie Music for Beginners

Images by Hozier

Andrew Byrne, more commonly known as Hozier, is an irish singer/songwriter who captivated the world with his hit track ‘Take me To Church’. ‘Take Me To Church’, the first track on his 2014 self titled album ‘Hozier’, is a beautifully dark ballad discussing the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, and their antipathy towards homosexuality. This song was released in 2014, and was accompanied by an … Continue reading Images by Hozier

Thrifting tips and tricks

After shopping mainly second-hand for many years now I can honestly say thrifting is a lifestyle and an art. Most of my all-time favorite items of clothing were bought used and there is nothing more rewarding than finding a diamond in the rough that is Goodwill. It can also spur development of personal style and outfit creativity that can’t be found by shopping at fast … Continue reading Thrifting tips and tricks