April 2nd – April 6th

Happy April! Change is in the air as we look at Kentucky and Oklahoma following in West Virginia’s footsteps in regards to pushing for better compensation for their educators. On Monday, thousands of teachers walked out of both Kentucky and Oklahoma public schools and marched straight to each of their state capitols to demand a pay raise. Every public school in Kentucky, and many public … Continue reading April 2nd – April 6th

A Broke Girl’s Guide to…Date Night

With the weather getting warmer and the birds and the bees buzzing around, there’s no denying that love is in the air. We all know that dating can be expensive and time consuming, so I’ve compiled a list of free date ideas that are so fun, your date will actually respect you for not spending any money. Whether you’re all boo’d up or single and … Continue reading A Broke Girl’s Guide to…Date Night

March 25th – April 1st

Media Virgil Abloh, the creator of fashion label ‘Off-white’, was named the head of Louis Vuitton menswear. This combination impacts more than just the fashion world, seeing as Abloh’s stylistic aesthetic integrates a lot of street-style, and street wear. This addition to the Louis Vuitton team is extremely exciting, and many cannot wait to see what new styles Abloh will bring to the table.  View … Continue reading March 25th – April 1st

March 26th – April 1st

Welcome back! Touching a bit on last week’s “week in review,” the March For Our Lives had a historical turnout. More than 200,000 individuals showed their support in Washington D.C.’s live rally and there were more than 800 rallies globally. What’s next? The midterm elections. Approximately 4,000 March For Our Lives organizers registered to vote and they’ve got demands. They’re calling for things like a … Continue reading March 26th – April 1st

March 19th – March 25th

Starting the week off with (surprise!) yet another Trump-related story. He’s managed to upset not only the entire blue party, but some states, and even individuals from his own administration, and now social media is taking a whack at his administration. Facebook has suspended Cambridge Analytica, a data analytic firm that the Trump campaign used, after it obtained the information of hundreds of thousands users’ … Continue reading March 19th – March 25th

Self-Love: brought to you by Female Artists

  March is Women’s History Month, and the perfect time to celebrate the hardworking, sexism fighting, women of our generation. Popular music has historically been a male dominated sphere, and female artists are often over-looked and under-represented. The Annenberg Inclusion Initiative at USC conducted a study showing that out of 600 popular songs to debut in 2017, only 16.8% included female artists; and these trends have continued … Continue reading Self-Love: brought to you by Female Artists

OG Female Style Icons

  The 1960s and 70s saw the emergence of the modern style era. Therefore, many of the original fashion icons come from these two decades. With street style blogs and paparazzi photos, it’s easy to get style inspiration for modern day fashion gurus and celebrity trendsetters but many of their looks, especially today, were influenced by past generations. The leading women were the models, musicians, … Continue reading OG Female Style Icons