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Noelle –  Noelle, the creator of Groovy Girl Blog, is an English major at the University of Texas at Austin. She describes herself as an aggressive capricorn, with a particularly flamboyant moon sign (leo). Her idea of a perfect date would be sitting in a hot tub overlooking a snowy mountain with a mimosa in her hand (preferably alone, and not paid for with her own money).  Noelle is from Houston, the best city within Texas, just so you know it’s not Dallas or San Antonio, but definitely not Dallas, and is an avid supporter of lean, NASA, Beyoncé and the Houston Rockets. This southern belle says sorry way too much, and has the bad habit of shooting imaginary finger guns at people when she feels awkward. Noelle created this blog as a platform to explore interesting topics, as well as jumpstart her hopeful career in Editorial Journalism. Noelle is the music and arts contributor, as well as overall editor for Groovy Girl Blog. ENJOY!

Rachel – Rachel is a Journalism major at the University of Texas at Austin. She hopes to either work as a publicist for major (and hopefully cool) corporations or write travel/music/culinary columns for magazines. As you can probably conclude from just the first two sentences, she is pretty indecisive about how she will leave her stamp on the world, but hey, at least she’s got a few ideas up her sleeve. Rachel’s hobbies include, excusing her behavior with the fact that she is a leo, looking at pictures of dogs, particularly corgis, making too many Spotify playlists, and aggressively amazon priming. You can often find her sparking up conversations with random bystanders purely because, you guessed it, she’s a leo or maybe they were walking a particularly cute doggo. On the weekends you can find her dragging her friends to try new restaurants/coffee shops, and taming her inner film buff by squeezing in a movie to her terribly busy schedule. Rachel is passionate about music, film, coffee, sometimes living a healthy lifestyle (dependent on the day of the week) and again, dogs. Rachel will be writing weekly news updates where she will be incorporating just a dash of her dry humor with informative reviews of the week.

Leela – Leela is a junior at Texas State University – San Marcos, dual majoring in All-Level Special Education, and Spanish with a minor in Early Childhood Intervention (because who needs free time, right?). This aspiring teacher loves working with kids and can often be found proudly showing off videos of her lil’ nuggets to anyone in close proximity. The students in Leela’s classroom are masters of subtle drags, and her favorite quote yet from one of her kiddos is “Ms. Leela you’re like a semi-teacher… and also like a semi-adult,” which pretty much sums up where she’s at right now. Leela is also a self-proclaimed rockstar, and is the lead vocalist, violinist, and bassist in her band, Wood Street Band, which you should follow on Facebook and Twitter (@woodstreetband). A musician since the tender age of four (S/O to her dad for forcing her into violin lessons), Leela is at her prime when on a stage. She is a closeted theatre nerd, and can rap the entirety of Hamilton in one sitting – so don’t get her started. This scorpio is the definition of chaotic good and knows a thing or two about intensity, so she engages in super fun coping mechanisms like getting dramatic haircuts and cleaning her room for hours on end instead of confronting her inner demons. Leela is a born-and-bread Houstonian, and will defend her city with a ferocity that rivals Beyoncé in Lemonade (H-town ‘till I drown am I right ladies??). Thanks to the influence of her superhero of a mother, Leela is a frugal freak that is obsessed with getting the most bang for her buck, consistently eating off the dollar menu at Taco Bell and refusing to spend more than $12 on any single piece of clothing. She hopes you enjoy her broke girl tips and that they help you stumble through life a little less.

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