May 28th – July 1st

Happy last week of May, and official start of summer! If you’re wishy-washy about your summer plans don’t worry, you’re not alone! Even our POTUS is having a little trouble following through with his summer plans. Remember the historical lunch date between Trump and Kim Jong Un scheduled for June 12th? Well, Trump got cold feet and called it off last week. No worries though, after a long weekend Trump rightly decided to reschedule the much anticipated meeting. We’ve got another two weeks until the new date, so stay tuned for some more Trump uncertainty.

Speaking of uncertainty, if you saw the hashtag #WeAreTheChildren over the weekend, and are wondering what it means, you’re not alone! The hashtag was started after an official from the Department of Health and Human Services, Steven Wagner, disclosed to congress that they had lost track of approximately 1,475 immigrant children who were put into sponsor care during the last year. These children illegally crossed the US-Mexico border to escape drug cartels, violence, and domestic abuse. Keep in mind this series of events occurred during the past year, so its recent surfacing has definitely been a large point of concern for many people. Some people speculate that this issue is now being disclosed due to a combination of Ivanka Trump’s tweet, last Friday being International Missing Children’s day, and a very critical editorial posted by USA Today.  Nevertheless, it’s a lose-lose situation in the eyes of most. If the sponsors come forward, they risk deportation but then the government will be able to keep track of these children and make sure they are more safe. However, if the officials do attempt to track the sponsors down then they risk sponsors going off-grid in order to avoid deportation, which could worsen conditions for these kids.

As if losing almost 1,500 kids wasn’t bad enough, the first major storm of the season hit the Gulf Coast Monday. Subtropical Storm Alberto killed two people in Florida. Parts of Florida were hit with heavy rain and winds of up to 50 mph, but luckily it decreased into a depression overnight. However, authorities still warn that there could be flash flooding in parts of the South, and that wasn’t the only crazy weather that occurred last week. Ellicott City, Maryland got hit with more than 6 inches of rain in two hours and the Patapsco River rose 17 feet, submerging the green valley in muddy waters. The governor of Maryland declared a state of emergency due to major flooding, luckily everyone is okay.

Storms are a’brewing in Arkansas as well. The Supreme Court decided to pass on challenging the 2015 law on medication abortion (a type of abortion during the early stages of pregnancy which is in the form of contraceptive pills and not surgery). The law requires that doctors who provide medication abortions must have a contract with another doctor who has hospital admitting privileges. Pro-law says it’s what’s best for women’s health, and that it ensures follow-up treatment if needed. However, Planned Parenthood believes it is unnecessary and unconstitutional, and sued to block the law. The Supreme Court took one look at their proposal and said ‘we’re not touching this’. Pro-life citizens of Arkansas see this as a victory for the health and safety of women, and Attorney General of Arkansas states that Arkansas is a pro-life state, and always will be while he is Attorney General. 

While we’re on the topic of justice, Harvey Weinstein was indicted by the grand jury on two rape charges and a criminal sex act charge this past Tuesday. Weinstein denied the dozens of sexual allegations against him, but is now being locked up for two incidents- one from 2004 (former actress Lucia Evans publicly announcing that Weinstein forcing her to perform oral sex at his office), and one from 2013 (a woman who prefers to stay anonymous was raped and claims Weinstein committed a criminal sex act by compelling oral sex from another). These claims could land the hollywood big time 25 years, or hopefully more. 


(Photo via Getty)

Jumping back on the Trump Train, last Wednesday Trump signed a bill that allows terminally ill patients to use experimental drugs that have yet to be approved by the FDA. He calls it a “fundamental freedom.” The reasoning behind the “Right to Try Bill” is that many new drugs can take years to go through testing before the FDA signs off on them, and in these patients cases, they don’t have time to wait. The Democrat and Republican parties have taken unexpected roles in this debate. Republicans believe this (pretty progressive) legislation could give these patients a fighting chance and could potentially save lives. Democrats rebuttal this belief, with reasoning that it could give patients false hope and could be dangerous. The last time people were taking experimental drugs LSD, and other hallucinogenics were discovered, so we’re patiently waiting to see what the evil geniuses have created this time, hopefully they will help these terminally ill patients. 

While we’re on the topic of Trump, remember the whole steel and aluminum Tariff for Mexico, Canada, and the EU in hopes to protect U.S. jobs? Well, Trump finally got around to imposing these tariffs, and the clapback to this decision has been intense. The U.S. allies basically said ‘you raise your tariffs and we’ll do the same’. The EU is looking at things like bourbon and whiskey, Mexico is looking at cheeses, and Canada is looking at steel and aluminum. This whole situation puts the US in the middle of a trade war with some of its top trade partners and closest allies, so we’re all waiting with baited breath to see how this explodes. 

However, let’s end the Week in Review on a good note (editors note: fuck golden states, Rockets forever). The Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 124-114 in Game 1 of the NBA Finals this past Thursday. Tune in Sunday night for Game 2 at the Oracle Arena. Also, happy pride month!


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