April 8th – April 15th

Here’s some good news to kick start your “week in review.” Kim Jong Un is finally ready to discuss the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, when he meets with Trump next month. This is huge because usually the U.S. depends on South Korea for any clue on what North Korea’s intentions are, but now Kim is ready to cut out the middleman and talk to Trump directly. The communication, still at a preliminary stage, is being planned for May. There is no immediate word on the possible venue for these talks, which would be the first ever of their kind between a sitting U.S. president and North Korean leader. Let’s hope Trump is on his best behavior come May.

Here’s a throwback for you. Remember the water incident in Flint, Michigan? Well, after 2 years of the water quality being “well within” government standards, the state is done handing out free water bottles. The lead levels also haven’t exceeded the federal limits in that same time span so once the current supply of water bottles runs out, so do the “freebies.” Some residents have a problem with this because not all of the pipes have been replaced since the incident. I mean, I would probably have some trust issues too, if my water supply had been penetrated by dangerously high and life-threatening levels of lead. (setting water on fire, not fun)

But on the bright side, Cardi B and Kate Hudson revealed they’re pregnancies this past weekend, and Khloe Kardashian gave birth to her first child with Tristan Thompson on Thursday afternoon. Cardi B surprised the crowd with the news, while celebrating the release of her new album, “Invasion of Privacy,” on Saturday Night Live. In the middle of her performance of “Be Careful,” she stepped on stage wearing an elegant, form-fitting, white gown that displayed her beautiful, and shocking, baby-bump. Hudson took a less dramatic route and simply posted on Instagram Friday morning that she’s expecting a baby girl with her musician boyfriend Danny Fujikawa. Check out her instagram (@katehudson) to see a (really cute) gender reveal. Kloé brings the drama back with the birth of her baby girl coinciding with multiple allegations against her husband, Tristan Thompson, for cheating on her with not one, but multiple women. None of these allegations have been confirmed by Thompson but Khloé, and we are staying hopeful for this new family. On a more positive note, both mommy Khloé and her newborn baby girl, True, are healthy and have been surrounded by love and support from her both the sisters/aunts (Kourtney and Kim) and mom/grandma (Kris). All of us at groovygirlblog are super excited for these courageous women and wish them the best of luck in motherhood. 

Monday morning, the FBI raided the office, home, and hotel room of President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen. The raid was initiated to find documents related to the “Access Hollywood” tape which authorities believe links Michael Cohen to his suspected bank fraud and campaign finance issues. The FBI’s raid was quite successful and they were able to obtain pertinent information from Cohen’s records, including a particularly interesting $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels (uh oh!). This whistle-blower behind this raid was, get this, Robert Mueller (special counsel member) who’s been advocating for an investigation on Trump, and his alleged ties with Russia, which he suspects to have swayed the 2016 election in Trump’s favor. As you probably suspected, Trump is furious. His exact response can be expressed by his tweet. Also, this tweet is pretty relevant.

Touching a bit on last week’s ‘Week in Review’, this Tuesday Facebook’s CEO, Zuckerberg started his 2-day apology tour, publicly testifying and apologizing for the mistaken policies that led to a political consulting firm (Cambridge Analytica) receiving access to about 87 million Facebook users’ data. He faced hours of difficult questions pressed by scrupulous lawmakers. There was a lot of apologizing, including Zuckerberg saying that his slow response to to Russia’s election interference is one of his “greatest regrets” and that he is open to “the right regulation.” However, at the end of the day, Zuckerberg is still holding on to the statement that Facebook is ultimately a “positive force in the world,” regardless of its recent mistakes. Facebook’s stockholders were ultimately pleased with his performance.

If your week was hard and you’re ready to call it quits, well you’re not alone. House Speaker Paul Ryan, who’s been in Congress for almost 20 years, is packing his bags in January of 2019. There seems to be no real reason behind his leaving, but he has stated he just wants to make more time for his family. Who will take his place? House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise are already eyeing his position so stay tuned.

Let’s do a quick 180 and touch a bit on some musical news, which pop-princess Mariah Carey shared with PEOPLE magazine. Beloved pop artist shared for the first time her struggle with Bipolar II disorder. She states that she was diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder back in 2001, but refused treatment, and even acceptance of the disease until recently. She is now seeing a therapist weekly and taking prescribed medication. Carey hopes that sharing her personal journey with mental health will help other individuals, in similar situations, place their stigmas aside, and asses their mental health needs. 

While Mariah Carey is ready to move on from the past, Trump is having second thoughts. Remember the proposed tariffs on imported goods and Trump’s decision to leave the free-trade deal the US was once in with 11 other countries that border the Pacific Ocean, in order to promote the production and consumption of U.S. products and create more jobs for Americans? Well, Trump is having some doubts. Some say it’s because the U.S. and China have been threatening each other with tariffs for the past few weeks, and if the U.S. stays with the Trans-Pacific Partnership then we would have more leverage in trade talks. Funny how Trump’s trade issue with China is pushing him back into the arms of the angel, aka the Trans-Pacific Partnership aka Trump’s opinion of a “rape on our country.”


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