A Broke Girl’s Guide to…Date Night

With the weather getting warmer and the birds and the bees buzzing around, there’s no denying that love is in the air. We all know that dating can be expensive and time consuming, so I’ve compiled a list of free date ideas that are so fun, your date will actually respect you for not spending any money. Whether you’re all boo’d up or single and ready to mingle, having an arsenal of date ideas beyond “Netflix & Chillin’” in your back pocket makes it that much easier to impress your special someone. After all, it is spring; if the bunnies are doing it – why shouldn’t we? So start swiping right and go get ‘em with these free date ideas that are sure to get you to at least first base with your bae.


U Got Games?

Spending time alone with someone can be intimidating – especially if it’s a first date. A great way to ease into dating a new person is to hang out in a group setting, and a game night is a really fun way to do that. All you need is a few friends (and encourage your date to bring some of theirs as well!) some board games or cards, snacks and some mood music. Board and card games are also valuable tools in revealing someone’s personality in a fun and flirty setting. Games like Cards Against Humanity or Hedbanz (also available as an app) are even more fun when you add alcohol into the mix. There are also plenty of coffee shops that offer communal board games and spaces to play if you purchase a drink. If you don’t own any games this can be a great addition to a regular coffee date. Game nights are a super lowkey way to see if you are compatible with someone new, or bring out your competitive side with your significant other. With a free game night, you can make sure that you’re playing fun games instead of playing yourself by spending a ton of money. #the #more #u #know.


The Great Outdoors

Mother Nature has got your back when it comes to free and fun date ideas. From hiking to swimming to picnicking to hammocking to stargazing, there are endless opportunities to get to know someone while kickin’ it outside. Although state and national parks usually charge a nominal fee for admittance, there are plenty of green spaces in and around major cities that boast incredible views and hiking trails of varying difficulty for you and your date to enjoy. Hiking in particular gives you a great excuse to put down your phones (after you post a picture of the view (aka yourself) to your Snapchat story of course) and really connect with your date. If you’re looking to add a little bit more *romance* to your life, stargazing is another really fun and intimate date idea. All you need is a couple of blankets and pillows – just drive a little bit out of town to an area with less light pollution, pull over at a rest stop and lay down under the stars. Staring at the night sky, your date will be completely enthralled with your romantic gesture and likely forget that you spent a total of $0 (minus gas money) on such a great date.


Louvre is in the Air

Okay so maybe the actual Louvre is a bit out of reach, but museums are a great free date idea. Typical dates like dinner and a movie can become monotonous, so why not try something that will spark conversation, but not extinguish your budget, like a museum or local art gallery. Museums almost always have free days of the week, and have great discounts for people with a student ID (Pro tip: if your student ID doesn’t have a date on it, you can keep using it a few years post-grad when you can still pass for college age!). If you’re nervous about what to talk about on a date, museums and art galleries are great conversation starters, but can also help alleviate the uncomfortable tension of silence since you are both just enjoying the exhibit, and don’t need to fill every second with talking. If you’re a social media lover, museums are also a fantastic opportunity to take gram-worthy pictures of you and your beau to show off to all of your followers. And if I haven’t convinced you of the incredible date power that museums have as date ideas, just take it from former President Barack Obama – he took Michelle to a the Art Institute of Chicago on one of their first dates! (Check out this Huffpost article!)


It is also worthwhile to look into social media accounts that share free and local events in your city! In austin we have @whatwhenwhere, @do512, and @austin360, which are Instagram accounts that not only help you keep up with the Joneses in your city, but also save you lots of money in the process.

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🎨🚶🏼‍♂️ FIRST FRIDAY ART WALK, 6-9pm tomorrow (Friday) at four art gallery stops in downtown Austin, TX. . It's a "special night designed to celebrate the Austin arts community" — a beautiful mix of art and drinks and wandering, three things we would list as DEFINITE INTERESTS. For three hours tomorrow night you can traverse the following gallery stops with friends and colleagues and random Bumble dates alike: . 📍🎨 TWYLA, 209 W. 9th (Unit #200): light bites and drinks, live music, giveaways 📍🎨 Art at The DEN, 317 W. 3rd: free Tito's Vodka bar, light bites, in-house DJ 📍🎨 OLA Gallery, 201 E. 5th: free drinks from Tito's Vodka + JuiceLand 📍🎨 Art.Work, 201 E. 5th: free drinks & snacks, in-house photobooth . Swipe above for an easy-to-read map of the area. Friday is looking sweet like Willy Wonka's place, take the candy Susan. . #wwwatx #atx 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🎨🍸🚶🏼‍♂️🚶🏻‍♀️

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Header image Finn Hackshaw via Unsplash

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