March 19th – March 25th

Starting the week off with (surprise!) yet another Trump-related story. He’s managed to upset not only the entire blue party, but some states, and even individuals from his own administration, and now social media is taking a whack at his administration. Facebook has suspended Cambridge Analytica, a data analytic firm that the Trump campaign used, after it obtained the information of hundreds of thousands users’ info in a way that violated the Facebook’s rules and regulations. Its’ excuse is that, back in 2015, the firm got permission to gather this data from a couple of individuals, but unbeknownst to Facebook, the firm not only took these few individual’s information, but their entire friends list information as well. As if stealing personal information from 50 million individuals wasn’t bad enough, when Facebook asked the firm to delete the information, the firm agreed, but never deleted the information. Wait, it gets better. The firm then met with Russian business executives to discuss how the stolen information was utilized to target American voters. So, what does the Facebook CEO have to say about all this? That he’s really sorry. Zuckerberg is open to ideas on how to better regulate Facebook, and has offered to testify before Congress because he understands that privacy is an important issue to many, who were made to feel unsafe at the hands of his company. Many Facebook users are skeptical and are wondering how else their private information is being used, and shared. In fact, #deletefacebook has been trending on twitter. Sounds like Trump really knows how to pick them, huh?


Now here’s a story a little closer to home. There have been five package explosions in Austin, Texas just this month. Two people have been killed and four have been injured. The packages all differed in delivery, and showcased a wide array of bombing and explosive knowledge. Some were hidden inside of unmarked packages which were then dropped on individual’s doorsteps, one was left on the side of the road connected to a trip wire, and one exploded in San Antonio’s FedEx distribution center. No one knew who was behind these bombings until Tuesday night when the bomber, Mark Anthony Conditt, bombed himself as the SWATT team approached his car. APD has cautioned locals to still be hyper-aware of their surroundings, because authorities can not be certain that there are not more explosives mailed, planned, etc.


On a more progressive note, men might finally share in the stress of contraceptives. The University of Washington in Seattle has developed a new pill that goes by the name of DMAU. Similar to female contraceptive pills, it consists of a combination of hormones – an androgen such as testosterone, and progestin. However, the pill is still in its beginning stages, but the team is hopeful and has had promising results so far. Long-term studies are underway but who knows? Maybe (hopefully) men will take on some responsibility and contraception won’t fall on just the women’s shoulders any more.

On a less progressive note (see what I did there?), Uber and Lyft have put a pin on testing self-driving cars after one of their self-driven Ubers hit, and killed a woman in Arizona. It was reported that a driver was, in fact, behind the wheel but had put ‘auto-mode’ on and was not paying attention during the moment of the incident. Looks like robots aren’t going to take over our society after all, well at least not this week. 


This past Monday wasn’t a total waste though, there was a breakthrough in stem cell research that may lead to the possibility of blind individuals ability to have their sight restored. This breakthrough comes from the London Project to Cure Blindness where two individuals with diseases in their eye both underwent a stem-cell surgery which patched up the infected areas with stem-cells. After fully healing, the patients were able to read and recognize once-blurry faces. Researchers say the method could be perfected and released to the public in just a couple of years.

Swinging back to the Trump train, Stormy is not alone in her allegations against Trump consisting of being paid for secrecy of and about their sexual relations. Playboy model, Karen McDougal, allegedly sued American Media Inc. for buying the rights to her story, then not publishing, or upholding their sides of the contract agreement. McDougal spoke with Anderson Cooper on CNN about the entire affair, saying that she is expecting retaliation from the Trump Administration, but felt she needed to protect herself, and her reputation. In another zinger for America’s favorite gentleman,‘Apprentice’ contestant, Summer Zervos’, will be moving forward with her defamation lawsuit against Trump, who allegedly sexually assaulted her in 2007. Trump, and his administration has been subpoenaed for all documents pertaining to Zervos, and women who can corroborate the inappropriate actions on the part of President Trump. Republican America seems to be feigning shock towards these allegations, as if a video of Trump stating “grab them by the pussy” didn’t surface before Trump was even elected as President.


China also has a few things to say about President trump. In response to the tariffs on imported goods from China, they have released a list of 128 U.S. goods including pork and aluminum pipe that have the possibility of being hit by higher tariffs as well. Last year, China bought about $3 million worth of goods affected by Trump’s new tariff therefore the tariff is getting a lot of mixed reactions to its violation of global trading principles. Trumps’ defenders believe it’s time America defends itself against unfair trade deals and his critics fear a trade war has already begun. How does this affect you? Ask your wallet.


Even though this week had its ups and downs, we ended it on a positive note. Yesterday was #MarchForOurLives where more than 800 events happened worldwide in efforts to for stricter gun control legislation. This protest was put together by the student survivors of the tragic school shooting in Florida last month. Shout out to students Emma González and David Hogg for organizing the movement and pushing for change in political policy.



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