Sustainable Fashion

Many of my future blog posts and topics of discussion will center around environmentalism and actions that can help lessen your ecological footprint. A main area of interest for me is sustainable fashion and ethical clothing production. I first realized the gravity of the fast fashion phenomenon after watching The True Cost on Netflix where they discuss the terrible economic, environmental and health consequences of this industry. Did you know the fashion industry is the second dirtiest industry in the world? The documentary had such an effect on me that now a low price tag or a made in China sticker triggers a thought about the poorly paid labor in unethical working conditions involved in its creation. In modern society, we are so far removed that it is hard to consider passing up that bargain price for this reason but it’s important to remember that our purchases reflect our values.

Fast fashion also encourages trendiness and the need to make purchases in order to keep up with current styles. These clothes are normally poorly made and will fall apart in mere weeks. Not only are these cheap pieces merely passing fads, but they also contribute to waste and landfill buildup. A perfect substitute for shopping at large apparel retailers is to buy second hand or shop vintage. Not only are thrift stores filled with timeless pieces, they also won’t break the bank! Thrifting helps to stay away from the pressure of keeping up with trends and buy better quality items at an affordable price.

In addition to second-hand shopping, there are a few brands that make it their top priority to ensure that their clothing is produced in an ethical and sustainable way. My favorites include Reformation, Everlane and Eileen Fisher. These brands have beautiful, ethically made pieces that makes shopping a guilt free experience! The advice I would give to someone trying to move away from trend shopping would be to start with a solid base of basics and then look for statement pieces. Additionally, sometimes less is more and high quality fabric is always the move.

The best way to start your second hand lifestyle is to find your own unique personal style, considering pieces found at thrift stores are usually one of a kind. Below are my favorite thrift shopping Instagram inspirations!



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Happy new year πŸ₯‚πŸ’‹

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Casual Tuesday

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Horse hooves 🐴

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The blue do 🌈

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