French Minimalism: I’m getting rid of all my clothing

We all had our fun on New Years Eve, whether you remember it or not, but it’s time to get serious. That’s right, I’m talking New Year’s Resolutions serious. Oh, New Years resolution, how quickly you are forgotten and doomed to the graveyard of resolutions past. This year let’s make our New Year’s resolutions to say fuck it to short term trendy New Year’s Resolutions. It’s time to stop giving our ex’s or our hangovers the power of being our 2018 priorities. Let’s take on 2018 with self projects, and self improvement galore. Yes Kylie Jenner, that means 2018 might just be the year of realizing things (again).

The first self improvement task i’m embarking on is decluttering, starting with my wardrobe. According to French lifestyle author Mireille Guiliano “French women don’t have too many clothes – a few good pieces that last for a while and are classic and timeless”, this, my friends, I have decided is my new aesthetic. I have always been that person who owns a ton of clothes, but only wears the same pieces over and over again. Those 2010, outdated, items I refuse to part with because “oh I might need that someday”, just sit rotting in the back of my closet. It’s really time I take a deep breath and stop holding onto clothes for their minuscule sentimental value.

The other thing about this whole French minimalism thing is that all the pieces you will be accumulating are fashion investments, splurge pieces, but also investments. With the way fashion trends recycle themselves spending more money on a high quality piece now might result in future payoff! Not to mention these high quality pieces are ones you can pass on to your children or your friends children, or your cats and your dogs if people aren’t really your thing.

For today’s post i’ve created a list of my 5 most used fashion staples I would definitely, and will definitely be splurging on. 

1. Chunky heeled Ankle Booties

The versatility of ankle booties are really what make them the greatest shoe staple of all time. Not only can they work in a casual everyday setting, but they are easily dressed up for a night out as well. Because i’m a shawty (5’4) it’s nice to have those few added inches so I can finally see what the weather is like up there.


Ankle booties absolutely blew up in the fall 2017 fashion world, and can be seen worn by virtually every fashion icon, on every designers runway, and in every stores displays window. When searching for the right bootie it’s important to take your time, and not rush into buying a shoe you’re ultimately unsure of.


Mindful purchasing is also something I need to work on in the upcoming year; taking a few hours, or maybe even days to mull over a purchase, hopefully reducing my risk of post-purchase buyers remorse. Taking time to look into the products reviews, the piece’s ethicality, animal rights, labor, and environmental laws in the area it was produced, etc., could prove helpful in the final decision making process. 

2. A GROOVY pair of sneakers

Sneakers are an absolute must for me. Being a college student I walk about a mile to class most days of the week, so it’s nice to have a solid pair of sneakers that can compliment a multitude of outfits.


As we’ve seen by self proclaimed sneaker queens, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid, sneakers have become an integral part of the urban fashion game. Because of the insane variety of sneakers on the market, it’s definitely a challenge to narrow it down to just one pair, so maybe i’ll cheat a little here and opt for two or three pairs.


Big named sneaker companies also often do collabs with musicians, artists, public figures, etc. So further personalize your sneaker selection and support a collaboration by someone you fuck with.


My favorite collabs so far are the ‘Fenty’ collection for Puma, especially her creeper sneakers, and Tyler the Creator ‘Golf Le Fleur’ collection for Converse. Kendrick Lamar recently posted an Instagram picture of his new Nike Cortez collab, which is set to release January 28th in the evening during the Grammys.

3. A solid as fuck bag

A good handbag is not only a fashion game changer, but also a lifestyle changer. I bring my purse with me everywhere. I mean everywhere: coffee shops, pools, parties, you name it. So I need something that’s going to withstand the wear and tear of my everyday lifestyle. 


Its extremely important to do research when buying handbags, because a broken handbag on a night out will seriously kill the vibe (don’t try at home, just trust in this personal experience).

Whether you have one handbag that you transition from day to night, or two seperate ones, finding your right fit and style can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Personally speaking, I only use cross-body length shoulder bags, that are not too big, but able to hold my phone, wallet, keys, headphone, and miscellaneous makeup items. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 2.08.27 PM.png

Online annual sales at department stores like Nordstroms, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus are good times to find high quality bags for amazingly marked-down prices. 

4. Light wash, dark wash and black jeans

Jeans are super important because they are the ultimate pairing piece, and never go out of style. You can throw on a pair of jeans with almost everything, so investing in a few good pairs that aren’t going to rip, pill, stretch out, etc., is alway a good idea.


Doing a thorough test while trying on jeans is an important step in the purchasing process. I suggest you run a few laps, do some squats, perform sun salutations twice, and attempt various wall twerks before slapping down your cash on a good pair of jeans. Just kidding, but seriously make sure those babies fit like a glove, because nothing is more annoying than constantly having to do the ‘casually pulling my pants up’ dance throughout the day.


High quality jeans are another item that you can usually find insane markdowns on at annual department store sales.

5. A solid jacket

Jackets are another wardrobe staple that easily individualize your look, and everyone has a preference on which style they rock the most.


Leather and Jean Jackets are usually the most versatile, and easy to transition from day to night. But other styles of jackets like bomber jackets and blazers are solid choices for people who live in warmer climates. I personally fuck with the blazer look, but that may be because I aspire to look like a college professor always. 


A broke girls pro tip that is in no way an original thought: splurge on nice expensive jackets during the spring and summer seasons, because they will most likely be marked way down.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 2.13.27 PM.png



These are some of the items that I, personally, believe are worth splurging on. They are the items that I use almost everyday, and will never go out of style. While stores like Forever 21, Zara, Urban Outfitters, etc. have unbeatable prices for trendy urban fashion items, their clothing can often be created in non-ethical ways, using sweatshops, exploitive labor, manufacturing procedures that harm the environment, and yield products that aren’t the highest quality. If ethicality of your clothing is important to you, but you aren’t in a place in your life to splurge on anything (me asf) I would suggest opting for recycled clothing. Go peruse your local thrift stores. Vintage clothing is alway better anyways, and you never know what kind of pieces you might stumble upon!

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