Spotify curated playlists for every occasion

If you’re an apple music-er then go ahead and click off this article. In fact go ahead and unfollow all of my platforms because WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE!!!!!

Without a doubt Spotify is the most used app on my phone. I am constantly playing music, and would be utterly lost without Spotify (pour one out for the Spotify gods). While I love making my own playlists, Spotify has a multitude of special curated playlists ready for the swipe of your eager little fingers. These playlists are great ways to find new music, old music, fun music, sad music, pump up music, you name it!!!!

Because I am an avid user of the Spotify ‘Browse’ feature, I figured I would kick off my life in the blog-o-sphere by sharing a few of my favorite lists.

Ultimate Party Classics

Looking for a good mix of pump up jams from all decades? Well look no further, because ‘Ultimate Party Classics’ is the playlist for you. From Shakira and Outkast, to Rihanna and Queen, this playlist has a jam for you, me and everyone in between. You’ll know when the first chord of ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’ hits that your party is about to be a rager. So next time you’re throwing down don’t sweat the music, just go to ‘Ultimate Party Classics’ and be set for the night.

Mellow Beats

Taking a 180 degree flip from ‘Ultimate Party Classics’, ‘Mellow Beats’ is the perfect playlist for anyone looking to study, relax, etc. This playlist consists of songs with no vocals, and a few instrumental versions of your favorite hip-hop jams, ‘Swimming Pools’, ‘Lose Yourself’, ‘Still D.R.E’, etc. I find this playlist extremely helpful while studying, or working, considering music with lyrics are normally too distracting for me. This playlist is also nice for traveling, when you want to block out background noise, but still want to be able to sleep; headphones in world out (ya feel). I also recommend this playlist to anyone who enjoys beats, or beat-making, because some of the chill edm-esque beats on this playlist are pretty cool (see ‘You’ by Gold Panda).

Essential Indie

This playlist is perfect for any person trying to break into the Indie genre, or just trying to listen to some of the Indie classics. This playlist contains Indie classics like Tame Impala’s ‘The Less I Know The Better’, and Grizzly Bear’s ‘Two Weeks’. Most of the songs on this playlist will have you saying ‘Oh shit I’ve totally herd this before, but never knew what it was called’. Great for long scenic road trips, hikes, chill hangouts, etc. This playlist makes Indie accessible to everyone, so give it a listen.

Mellow Bars

Get your phone ready, because this playlist is about to have you calling your ex. This alternative R&B playlist features big R&B artists like BROCKHAMPTON, 6LACK, and Miguel, but mostly showcases smaller artists that you never knew you needed, but won’t be able to live without. Don’t play this at a party because you might ruin the vibe, but if you’re trying to get down and dirty in your feelings, or in your boo-thing, then this might be the list for you.

Power Workout

Need some motivation at the gym? Look no further, ‘Power Workout’ has got you covered. This high energy rap playlist will keep you moving your entire workout. The fast moving songs are great for cardio, weights, abs, etc., not to mention the playlist is constantly being tweaked, so your new favorite banger will always be on there.


Moral of the story: Spotify is the shit. These are just five of the hundreds of playlists that Spotify has created for us. Go check it out, you might find some things you really like.

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