May 28th – July 1st

Happy last week of May, and official start of summer! If you’re wishy-washy about your summer plans don’t worry, you’re not alone! Even our POTUS is having a little trouble following through with his summer plans. Remember the historical lunch date between Trump and Kim Jong Un scheduled for June 12th? Well, Trump got cold feet and called it off last week. No worries though, … Continue reading May 28th – July 1st

April 20th – April 27th

Happy last week of April! Here’s some good news to start your week off. The long-nosed bat is no longer on the endangered species list and is apparently thriving. For years, both Americans and Mexicans have threatened this species’ food source (Agave) in the name of their own interest (tequila, trendy sugar substitute, vegans). National Geographic explorer Rodrigo Medellín replenished this food source, by making … Continue reading April 20th – April 27th

April 16th – April 22nd

Welcome back! Unfortunately, nothing too uplifting happened over the weekend so we’re starting off with some dispiriting stuff. Former first lady, Barbara Bush, has been and continues to be in failing health, however on Sunday it was released that she is no longer seeking treatment. The 92-year-old beloved mother of former president, George W. Bush, and first lady to former president, George H. W. Bush, … Continue reading April 16th – April 22nd

“They Are Them, We Are Us”: Creating an Odd Future

Odd Future, or Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, was an LA based group of skateboarding, bacon loving, do-it-yourself, kids who somehow made it big in the music industry, seemingly by pissing off everyone with a finely tuned moral compass. There’s more to this collective cult-rap group than meets the eye, and if you’re at all emersed in the hip-hop/rap scene, then you know … Continue reading “They Are Them, We Are Us”: Creating an Odd Future

April 1st – April 8th

Media: A$SP Rocky has been steady playing with our emotions, and really showing us the true meaning of patience when it comes to his yet to be released 2018 music project. Last week Rocky announced to social media that he would be performing new music on Jimmy Fallon’s Late night show that night. Rocky preformed a medley of new songs “A$AP Forever” and “Distorted Records”, … Continue reading April 1st – April 8th